School of Journalism associate professor Mike Conway will talk about the future of television news at the next meeting of the Bloomington Press Club, noon Jan. 24 in the Coronation Room at the Indiana Memorial Union.

Other guests include School of Journalism communications director Beth Moellers, who will talk about the journalism’s centennial celebration activities this year, and journalism student Caitlin Johnston, who won first place in a national opinion writing competition recently.

Conway is author of The Origins of Television News in America: The Visualizers of CBS in the 1940s, which looks at development of the television newscast, specifically the people who experimented with the medium in its earliest years, developing what became the modern-day TV newscast. The book was nominated for the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communications’ Tankard Award last year.

A Terre Haute native and IU telecommunications alumnus, Conway worked in television news for nearly 20 years before attaining his PhD at University of Texas. He teaches broadcast news among other classes.