Scholarships and Internships

The Bloomington Press Club is funding the futures of several young journalists.

The board provides two scholarships for IU’s High School Journalism Institute students. Each summer, high school students from around the country come to learn skills at intensive workshops.

The club’s internship/scholarship program provides two $1,000 stipends to junior or senior IU students. These students work as interns for United Way agencies in the Monroe County area. Each intern works about 150 hours during the school year. The Indiana University Foundation administers the club’s internship funds through a gift agreement.

For 2021-22, communications internships will be working with the People & Animal Learning Services (PALS) and Catholic Charities Bloomington (CCB). Click here for more information about how to apply. [NOTE: The deadline for applying for the 2021-22 internships has passed.]


Occasionally, the Bloomington Press Club hosts fundraisers featuring notable journalists visiting the area. Ongoing fundraisers include “rounding up” the cost of the monthly lunch costs. For example, those who choose the $14 buffet can make checks out for $15 instead, and the dollar goes toward the scholarship program. Another option is to pay for more than one lunch. The “extra” lunch money is used to invite IU students to meetings as the Bloomington Press Club’s guest. [NOTE: BPC meetings are currently held via Zoom, so this donation option is suspended at this time.]

All of these funds support the HSJI scholarships and the club’s scholarship/internship program for IU students.

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